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Sample #1:

Keeping kids safe on the internet: How to do it?

There is no doubt that life has become a lot easier after the internet came into being. We use the internet for a number of things including shopping and communication with friends, family and co-workers. The internet is a boon. But when it comes to your kids, the internet may not be a very safe place. It is very important that you have rules set out for the children to follow when it comes to online usage. This article will help you keep your kids safe online.

Setting the rules: When you are setting rules on internet use for your kids, it is a very good idea to keep them involved. This will ensure that they understand the dangers that the web comes with. Also, it is essential that you understand how kids use the web these days as this will help you set the ground rules in your home.

Parental controls: Computers, game consoles as well as cell phones come with parental controls in today’s times. Using them is a good way of keeping your kids safe when they use digital technology. Such controls will help you block email addresses or websites you want by putting them on a filter list, prevent your kid from searching for any particular words on the web and set limits on usage. Such child- safety measures will help you keep your child safe.

Child- safe search engines: This is of paramount importance. There are certain child- safe search engines that will block any inappropriate websites from being accessed. Download such a search engine and ask your child to use it whenever she is online. You can also change the settings on any traditional search engine you may have on the computer to ‘child- friendly’.

Keeping cyber bullies away: Have talks with your child and make sure she knows that she can always tell you about any bullying or frightening emails or messages she may have received. Always have an open channel of communication with your child. It is the only way to prevent cyber bullying.

Your child’s personal information: Keeping your child’s personal information safe online is another way of protecting her. She should be aware that giving out her personal information is okay only when it comes to people she knows. You should also explain the dangers that may come off if she meets an online friend without your knowledge. As with everything about parenting, having a good open relationship with your child is the best way of protecting her.

Things you can do: Make sure that the computer your child uses is kept in the family room so that you are aware of what your children are doing with it. In case your child visits an inappropriate website, delete the address from the ‘history’ folder. Insist that your kid takes breaks after every half an hour or so when she is using the internet.

Sample #2:

How to choose the best health insurance plan for your family

A good health insurance plan is extremely important for your family. Choosing one was never easy with so many options available. There are many things you have to keep in mind before you select a plan. The following advice will help you keep the confusion away and choose the best health insurance plan for the family.

Using the internet for information: Your search for the right health insurance plan should start on the internet. First off, visit the insurance website of your state. Here you will get a list of the family plans your state has on offer as well as any low cost options the state offers in case you meet certain income standards. Next, visit good private health insurance websites that will let you compare the plans and prices out there. In such websites, you will get a good idea of what kind of plans you have on offer according to the kind of family you have. Of course, it is your medical history that is going to decide what kind of premium you are going to pay.

Go to a professional: A professional health insurance broker can be a big help in choosing the right plan. He will help you shop for the best rates and also explain to you everything about the plan. Choose a good broker to work with and make sure he is registered with the state. He should also have a good arsenal of companies to work with as that will mean you will have lots of options.

Understand the alternatives you have: This is essential. You do have certain alternatives when it comes to health insurance. One of them is a health savings account. This is like an insurance policy with high deductibles and low premiums. You can deposit the money saved on premiums into HSA account pre-tax and use it for any medical expenses. What’s more, after you reach the retirement age, you can use any leftover money for whatever you want.

The above are very important basics everyone looking for the right health insurance plan should follow. Next is a list of tips that will help you get the best healthcare you need:

* Before you start shopping, understand what exactly you are looking for. Draw up a list of the 5 most important things about health insurance as you consider it. May be it is a particular hospital, doctor or clinic you want to be with or may be you want the lowest premiums.

* There are many companies who offer a free look- in period on health plans. Take advantage of them. You can cancel if you want and get your money back if you are not satisfied with a plan.

* You can always negotiate with the hospital or doctor. There is nothing wrong with it. But make sure you are courteous and considerate when you do so.

* Follow the above tips. Health insurance is one of the most important decisions you are going to take in your life. Make sure you do it right.